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How to Store Your Watches

2021 February 17
By Washington

A watch is like a pet or a plant that you should take care of or else it’d perish and be eaten out by rust. One way to make sure that your watch will remain in good condition is by storing it in an environment best suitable for its engine and makeup. Most watches today are sturdy and good for everyday use provided that you treat it with proper care. As such, you should know the basics of proper watch storage. Here, I will give you advice on the proper ways you can store your watches when you’re not wearing them.

Take Note of the Temperature

Watches must be stored out of direct sunlight and must be away from extreme heat and cold.For watch collectors, it would be best to rent a climate-controlled storage unit.

Keep It in a Standard Watch Box

If you have a number of watches, it’s best to buy a watch box to keep them all safe from possible irritants.  Just make sure to place them in modest distance from each other. Leave gaps. Watches must be stored separately from each other so as to avoid friction. Rubbing against each other will cause scratches and other physical damages to the watch.

Automatic Watches Must Be Kept in Winders

This is because of the nature of automatic watches. They rely on the natural movements of your body to stay accurate with their timekeeping and correctly wound. Keeping automatic watches on a winder ensures that they are wound whenever you want to wear them.

Consider Keeping them in a Cigar Case

It’s best to keep luxury watches, particularly vintage watches, in a cigar case humidor as these storage cases provide constant temperature and humidity that works well in regions with extreme climate.

Avoid Displaying Extra-Valuable Watches

Secure luxury watches or watches with valuable golds and gems in an extra safe place.  Be discreet with your valuables to avoid home invasion from thieves.

Be Cautious of Chemicals

Do not leave your watch in places where there are chemical discharges. Watches should be kept away from chemicals like:

  • Mercury
  • Benzene
  • Thinner
  • Organic solvent of iodine antiseptic solution
  • Gasoline
  • Cleaning fluids
  • Toilet-bowl cleaners
  • Cosmetic sprays
  • Other items made up of strong chemicals

For Quartz Watches

In storing quartz watches, make sure to take out the batteries as acid may leak out from the empty cell and damage the mechanism of the watch engine.

When Under Water

Never wear any metal watch (even if it’s water-resistant) while swimming as chlorine and salt will automatically attack the alloy components of the watch, leaching them of their stainless steel quality.

Beware of Temperature Shocks

Protect your watch as far as possible from temperature shocks. Though water may not enter the watch from the outside, the humidity already in the watch can cause oxidation and lead to watch malfunction.

Knowing how to properly store your watch will lengthen its shelf life and save you from costly repairs. It’s a valuable skill that everyone, not only watch collectors, should master as it can help them preserve and keep watches from their inevitable fate of decay.