How to Choose The Watch For You

2021 February 17
By Washington

Buying a watch is more than finding something that looks good on your wrist. Shopping for watches may look quite simple and easy on the onset but it really is something that you should take seriously as purchasing a wrong one might get you into lots of needless trouble.

You have two things to keep in mind in choosing the right watch for you. First is the body of the watch—how it looks, its additional features, its overall appearance, etc.; and second is the purpose it would serve. Here is a detailed list that I want to share with you to help you make a sound decision in buying a watch that matches your needs and lifestyle perfectly:

  1. Clockwork
    Inspecting the body of the watch is the first step. Try to identify its movement or calibre. A watch movement is, basically, the engine inside the watch. There are three basic types of watch movements namely the hand wound, automatic watch and the quartz movement. In the hand wound watch, the wearer must physical wind the watch crown on a regular basis to make it function while the automatic watch does not require the wearer to wind the crown periodically to keep the watch running. Quartz watches differ as they need batteries to move.
  2. Analog or Digital
    When I say analog or digital, I’m talking about the type of display you’ll be seeing on the face of the watch. An analog watch is the one with clock hands while the digital is the one that displays numerical digits on its screen. Basically, if you know how to tell time, there’s hardly a difference between the two. Some are comfortable with analog watches while others prefer digital watches because it’s a lot easier to read.
  3. Crystal
    Crystal is the material covering the face of the watch. It protects the internal parts of the watch from water and dust. There are three types of crystals used in watch making.
    The first one is synthetic sapphire. However, watch makers, especially those in the business of making luxury watches, prefer to use natural sapphire as it is scratch resistant. Synthetic sapphire is the most expensive type of crystal for watches. It originated from Switzerland and has the very same chemical composition as natural sapphire. The second type of crystal is mineral which is made of glass and is less expensive than sapphire. The last type is acrylic which is the cheapest and most affordable among the three.
  4. Band or Strap
    The band or strap of a watch is the one that wraps the watch around the wearer’s wrist and it comes in different styles depending on the material used. It adds glitz and swag to the overall appeal of a watch. Some watches have detachable bands which allow the wearer to change band style that suits his mood or depending on the occasion he’d attend to. Some common types of watch bands are leather and metal.
  5. Size and Weight
    The ideal rule would be to look for a watch that is proportional to your body. However, there’s no fix rule in choosing the size and weight of a watch. It all depends in the personal preference of the wearer.
  6. Additional Features
    Some watch have built-in calendars and stopwatches in them while some have glow-in-the-dark feature that makes it easy for the wearer to tell time in dark places. With modern technologies we have today, some watch manufacturers and makers add really amazing features to their watches to stand out from their competitors.Just make sure that the presence of additional features is not your sole reason in buying the watch. Treat additional features as enhancements and focus on the time-telling capacity of the watch.
  7. Manufacturer
    If you are after high-quality and luxury watches, then I suggest you buy watches with recognized manufacturers to assure you that the product you’ll be availing meets the quality standard of the watch market. Some well-known brands I know in the market are Rolex, Tudor, Tag Heuer, and Oris.
  8. Price
    Of course, this should be of high importance! You must always consider your budget if you don’t want to end up broke after a huge purchase. If you are not, in any way, a watch collector and just a watch novice, then allocate just enough money for a watch. Don’t spend too much if your purpose for buying is just to have a handy, decent time-keeping device on your wrist. Aside from the things I listed, it would also be helpful if you can clear out first your reason in buying a watch.
    Purposes vary depending on the person. Some buy a watch as a body adornment while others purchase it as an exercise companion to record time and regulate pacing.Decide on that first because once you figured out why you’re buying a watch, choosing a style and model will be easy. I also encourage you toit might also be of help to check the quality guarantee as well. It can save you lots of money in case the watch has to undergo a repair.

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