A humble store in Manila’s Chinatown

Ariston Yao, an immigrant from Xiamen, China started The Washington Watch Group as a restaurant and small retail apparel store in the heart of Chinatown in 1946.


Official retailer of Rolex watches

In 1986, Washington established itself as the premier luxury watch retailer in the Philippines by being the official retailer of Rolex watches, an ambassador for the brand and what it stands for.


The largest distributor and retailer of watches in the country

Today, Washington Watches has over 15 branches located in 15 of the largest shopping malls in Manila servicing all markets, and is also the official distributor and retailer of over 50 exclusive watch brands in the country.


Ariston Yao had a dream.

When he first set foot in Manila, Philippines—from his lowly hutong dwellings in the middle of one of the many rice fields outside of Xiamen, China—he dreamed of one day seeing the fruits of his hard work sprawled around the town plazas and city shopping centers of Manila. He dreamed that, one day, he would wake up and see his creations worn on the wrists of all the people who stepped into his store.

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