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    A space specifically tailored to catch the eyes of watch enthusiasts is now at the heart of the city with the opening of the Rolex Boutique in Greenbelt. With Landmark Timepieces and conservative classic styles to peek into, the boutique is sure to regal everyone with its array of timepiece collection as it is the first in Southeast Asia to employ the Rolex concept design curated and intricately fashioned by Rolex designers and architects themselves.

    Enticing as it is with high calibre watches, the boutique offers an overall Rolex experience with its structured luxury interiors made of materials imported abroad and manned by world class Rolex-trained sales staff to assist you in selecting the best watch that suits your aesthetic sensibilities and lifestyle.

    Be enthralled and catch the Rolex experience at

    Level 1- Rolex Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center, Makati Philippines 
    Tel. (02) 729 0808 or 0917 5390909.

    The newest Rolex Boutique opens in Greenbelt 5

    by: Washington


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